31st July 2013

Dear Customer,

As you may be aware, one of the undersea fiber optic cables servicing Grand Cayman suffered an outage Sunday 28th July 2013. The cable system, known as “MAYA-1″ serves a number of countries in the Caribbean including Cayman, Mexico, Costa Rica and others.

Unfortunately, the outage has affected all telecommunications carriers and all their customers in the Cayman Islands. Most of the country’s telephone, mobile, internet, and data traffic has been affected.

BIC traffic and client connections were moved to another cable system and did not experience any downtime. As of today, 31 July 2013, that is still the case. The restoration path is on another undersea cable system called CJFS (Cayman-Jamaica Fiber System). The CJFS system actually passes through Cayman Brac where BIC maintains a data centre with several direct fiber connections to the CJFS system, placing BIC in a very favorable position to take advantage of multiple cable pathways.

The ownership group for MAYA-1 have determined there is a fault on the cable somewhere off the coast near Grand Cayman. This fault will need to be repaired and will require a ship with specialized equipment. The ship should arrive in about two weeks. At that point, the system will once again have to be taken out of service and traffic moved to CJFS like it is right now.

This type of problem is very unusual. In fact, it’s the first such outage on that particular cable system since it was put in service over a decade ago. However, BIC has made arrangements for just such an eventuality.

We don’t anticipate any outages or any adverse impact on our customers. We will keep you informed of any major developments or anything that might impact our services.

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