1st August 2013

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(CNS): A new online system is expected to drastically revamp, improve and speed up the inspection process for all buildings under construction in the Cayman Islands. The Department of Planning releases its new inspection portal tomorrow, 1 August, the first phase of its new Online Planning System. Officials said that inspections will be routed through the OPS system by next week and by Monday (5August) all contractors, construction companies, architects, engineers and other design professionals will be able to sign up to have access to the system.


“One of the most demanding processes within the Department is how we handle inspections of buildings under construction,” said Haroon Pandohie, Director of Planning. “With the OPS, we will drastically reduce the time it takes to process, execute, and document an inspection,” he added, as the first phase of the OPS will allow clients to submit their inspection requests online. “This will save the department time and man-hours, and speed up every construction project for every contractor in the Cayman Islands,” the planning boss promised.


The department said training videos will be available online on the Planning website and face to face training sessions on the system’s use will be conducted twice per week for the month of August. It has worked with Brac Informatics Centre (BIC) to develop the system which is a customised cloud-based application with paperless workflow and automatic notifications to users.


Contractors will be able to submit inspection requests online which will have more prefilled information and save users time per submission. The department’s inspectors conduct their inspections with wireless tablets. This means they will record updates in real time and contractors can know the inspection result immediately.


A central portal for contractors to use for all government inspections related to construction increases contractor efficiency and streamlines the Certificate of Occupancy process while a central portal simplifies submission procedures and provides more accurate paper trails of completed workmanship.


OPS will provide greater information, planning said, about permit inspections in one central location and will enhance the Project Manager’s ability to manage schedules with sub-trades.


As OPS uses less paper and takes less time it reduces costs and will have a faster turnaround time per task for contractors.


Department of Planning OPS Project Manager, Charles Brown, said it was just the first step in a larger effort to make the department paperless.


“By the time we complete the full OPS roll-out, the Department will be 95% paperless,” he said. “At this stage the processes for requesting a Certificate of Occupancy, other final documents and Electrical Connections with CUC will also be trackable online. In future releases the department will be providing an inspection road map for contractors to follow, and in the long term, electronic plan submissions for permits and projects and the incorporation of the OPS functionality in the Sister Islands,” Brown added.


Alee Fa’amoe, Director of Client Solutions at BIC said that by leveraging over ten years of web and database integration experience, we’ve been able to meet and exceed the objectives of the Department of Planning to streamline workflows, starting with inspections.


For more information or to follow OPS media release, please visit the Planning website at www.planning.gov.ky and look for the OPS web link.




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